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Lie to me!

The basics of this game is:

a player lists THREE things about themselves. Two are true, and one is a complete lie.
The rest of you have to guess which of the three is a lie. (It could be tricky, so read carefully!)
The person to guess correctly then lists three things about themselves, and the game continues...

So, to start us off....
  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with post-its and sticky tape.
  2. I love animals, and have seven pets.
  3. I named my child after a video game character.


1. I have a certificate in baking
2. I know the creator of R2D2
3. I drive a HPE700 Ford Mustang GT

Good Luck !!
Lol, I can't believe I got it!!

1. I once got shot in the chest at point blank during a bank robbery.
2. I used to work as a scientist in Antarctica.
3. I once broke both legs in a motorcycling accident.
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aww yeah
1. I have an unholy obsession with cheesecake
2. I have broken my arm in 2 places when i was a kid
3. I own a 2010 Subaru WRX
seano got it.
never broken a bone and i wish i owned a Subaru wrx :frown:
just realised i messed up. there was 1 truth and 2 lies hahahahaha oops
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( gg on two lies icom hahah) makes my guess even better lol)

1. I snapped my leg and all nerves in it playing high school footy.
2. I fractured my wrist & crushed second last knuckle from punching a tree.
3. I shattered my knee, broke my arm and dislocated my shoulder being hit by truck crossing the road.