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    The Diamond Block Sell Sign says It's locked. :confused: Can you come on and fix it?
    Hai just about the Death messages;

    Steve Didn`t see the big green creeper! Should of gone to specsavers!(creeper)

    Steve went swimming and forgot he was colour blind! (lava)

    Steve didn't see (other player). Well, (other player)
    sure saw him! (killed by player)

    DONT HIT THE BUTTON! DONT HIT THE BUTTON! Ah well, steve hit the button (death from pressing a button)

    Hey, where did steve go?!?!?! (mobs)
    Hey Stabby I have a problem I am banned and I can't get a damn forum post up and I could use some help and why I was banned well that is a misunderstanding I know why but I can't explain it here in detail btw this is Raptor2598 so could I please have some help
    Just wanted to say, my post wasn't to get my friend unbanned. I was trying to say next time give people more of a chance before you ban them. Also don't judge someone right away, but I do understand where you're coming from. Some people may surprise you! Also I hope this doesn't come off as me trying to offend you at all. I only mean for this to be constructive criticism? Hope you'll consider what I've said, thanks
    I didn't realise ow much I appreshiate the server till I got banned I will be good I promise on my life
    its my fav server I deleted all my other servers so now I have to find another awesome server but its hard
    Hi stabby im sorry for being a smart donkey im just nervous I start highschool tomorrow can I please be un baned? it wont happen again I promise tomorrow I was going to buy enderman rank
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