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AusCraft 1.12! LETTTSS GOOOO



Hey All!
It's the post a lot of you probably thought was coming, due to our silence about 1.12, and the lack of events and changes to Survival.

But here it is! AusCraft will be resetting the map next Saturday (26/08/2017), and updating the latest version of Minecraft! It's something we never like to do, but also love to do! The map is well over a year old now and yes It's sad to see so many creations go, but looking ahead we have an amazing spawn (our best one yet!) and an incredible map for you all to explore, mine, and create on. Oh....and dancing parrots and coloured beds? What's there not to love.

What does this mean?
The only thing coming over from the current map will be any time left on paid ranks or permanent perks purchased on the store. All current free ranks, houses, items won't be coming across.
Keep in mind, 1.9 was a massive change for AusCraft, we've never done such a big reset, so over this past ~15 months we've been able to see what works well, what doesn't work at all, and what to improve on.

We will be posting a thread closer to the date, so keep your eyes peeled here! It will explain some of the changes, and new, exciting things for you all to look forward to.
For now, enjoy this preview of the spawn. We simply couldn't wait to show you all a little sneak peak.

<3 AusCraft

WATCH HERE: http:confused:/ausmc.me/2uOvktL
Push the reset as close as you can! Announcing a reset has, personally, removed any motivation to play until the new map. and, as I am currently the only player online, I'd say its the same for the majority. I know there is probably a technical reason that it has to be next saturday but you know what I'm saying :D


Haha yes we do.
If we say it a day before - people get mad
If we say it a week before - people get bored. Unfortunately we all have RL schedules as well, but trying our hardest to get it done ASAP! :D