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Regarding the current server outage

It's been two days so you guys deserve some answers.

On Monday morning, the server we host AusCraft on suffered as-yet-undetermined hardware failure. At this stage we believe that either the motherboard, CPU or RAM have failed. We have no reason to believe any data has been lost. Our hosting provider thus far has been working with us to determine the root cause of the failure so that we can implement repairs and get AusCraft back up and running as soon as humanly possible.

Believe me when I say that not having the server running is as stressful for us as it is for you, not being able to play.

Please bear with us while we rectify this problem.
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I don't think anyone has told you this yet, but I would like to say THANKS for all the hard work you are putting in.

From experience, I know how hard running a server is, and how stressful downtime can be. I know that you guys put a large chunk of your life into this community.

So on behalf of everyone, I would like to say thank you for your continued work, especially at times like this. We all appreciate it greatly.
Thanks for the update, and to echo what Angus said, you guys should definitely know that we're hugely appreciative of the hard work and hassles you go through to give us all a place to play around in!

Anyone who's selfish enough (I probably shouldn't write 'dumb enough', should I? :-D ) to consider giving you a hard time about the problem should be summarily ignored... (I'm just going to presume that the hosting co are doing everything they should & could as well to sort out and resolve the kablooey)





Hope you guys fix it soon and thanks for the hard work. Ive never realy hosted a server myself but it seems like a lot of work espeshily when the server goes down...ha i can amagin the flood of players when the server is back up keep up the hard work. Ps i can spell good at ALL sorry