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Temp Server!

Hey guys!

We're back up on a temp server for now - it's the best we can do while we wait for our new parts to get through customs and be installed on the server.

As some compensation, you're ALL ender rank while our temp server is up and running. We don't have as many plugins, but you get cool stuff like /fly and /skull to amuse you all, as well as the usual /tp. /back , /d and other basic commands.

However, we've added Bloodmoon.

What is this, you ask? Wait and see. The slaughter will please me greatly. (However if you start glitching out, just relog, the plugin needs a little work, but it's fun!)

LWC is on to protect your chests and item frames, but buildings are NOT protected. Mods have LogBlock to roll back any grief damage as always though, use /modreq to try and gain our attention ingame.

Our normal server rules apply. Get on and get crafting!

Just saying /modreq doesn't work
Modreq on the temp server doesnt work the same as it does normally. It will send a message to any mods online, but they will only be able to see it if they are watching at the time, and only if they are online. If there is no staff online, questions can be asked under the Server Info section of the forums (http://aus-craft.net/forums/view/auscraft-server-forum-info.3/) and griefing and disruptive players can be reported to the Ban Request forum (http://aus-craft.net/forums/view/ban-requests.19/)