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User Reason Date
XavMac Use of AFK machine https://imgur.com/BcqF2uB 3/18/2021 3:15 pm
Kloppyyyy Ignoring staff https://i.imgur.com/5jroFX5.png 2/11/2021 8:17 am
Qty N/A 2/8/2021 9:55 am
MulletMan2008 Please stop death spamming chat 1/5/2021 7:23 am
Pandyandy Change your skin. 1/5/2021 6:34 am
Pandyandy Please change your skin before returning. 1/3/2021 7:17 am
GenericJohn Do not use afk pools 12/23/2020 1:07 pm
MAYZlE Remove your hacked client before logging back on. 12/7/2020 11:14 am
arrocito2000 Please stop griefing/coming to DaPurplePatriot's base. Please remove your home here as well. 12/5/2020 10:40 am
TheLamelo Please do not use AFK in creative 11/27/2020 7:19 am