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Yet Another Shop (2.0) Update!


Hello everyone!
Yes, I know...another shop update - I promise this will be the last one and will be much easier then previously!

Thank you very much to the VERY kind misty, she will now be handling all the shop list and she even made this really nice area for them (see below)!!
There is space for 27 shop signs, currently 16 taken so still plenty left! (Still the same /warp shoplist)

How to get a shop sign?
Simple! As before all you need to do is mail misty ingame with your shop name :smile:
/mail send mistydove <message>
Example: /mail send mistydove Hi Misty! I would like a shop sign please, shop name is carrotfarm.
As before, please only request a shop sign if you plan on keeping your shop stocked up & you have permission to create your own warps. :smile:

Thanks guys!

Hey I found like 1 or 2 warp names aren't correct, can't remember off the top of my head but yeh was easy to guess the correct warp anyways but yeah, I'll go through them later today and update on which ones etc. If someone doesn't before me that is.
Only incorrect one is 'nuke shop' it should be 'nukeshop' without a space, other than that, they're all good. Much prettier than the last shoplist. Good job. :smile: