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Denied X-ray ban appeal

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Your IGN: GusWest121
Time and date that the ban occurred:7:30 PM sydney time
What punishment are you appealing?:Ban
Staff online during the incident: ?
What is the reason given for the punishment?:X-ray
Tell us your side of the story: i have x-rayed befor but when you teleport or load in it can show some ores mite just be for me i have a low end pc
Hey there GusWest12 , Ill be reviewing this appeal today.
The teleport/warp trick you speak of is something that does happen, for no more then 0.3 of a second, not near enough time to spot an ore and target it in your mining adventure.
But at no point did you teleport away during the time I was actively removing items and sending you messages to cease your actions to avoid further punishments, which you failed to reply too.
As such, your tempban will remain in place.
Not open for further replies.