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Vote Crate system

for me every time i vote it gives me shit stuff so i am going to quit voting, i have never gotten anything good from it


Server Moderator
Hey nocental!
We're sorry that the vote rewards haven't been satisfying for you.
As a matter of fact the staff team are working hard and are reviewing the current voting system, so keep an eye out for any announcements on our discord and on our fourms in relation to that. :wink:
If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see differently, you can always drop it into the suggestions fourm!
You can find that here: https://auscraft.net/forums/view/suggestions.72/

You voting for the server helps us attract new players, and keeps up in the loop. I can guarantee you though, that there are definately some good rewards in there, it's all just down to chance. :o

~ mia (On behalf of the Staff Team)
I can vouch for that. I've won a Mage Stone from the crate before!

(Course it wasn't much good to me, cause i'd already purchased it as a perk :cool:
Why not have a system that gives you a key that unlocks awesome rewards or have items from votes automatically go in your inventory without the use of keys. That way when you get a key you know it's awesome.