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Upgradable Armour


So, was just throwing this out there in Survival today (4:30 Server Time, 8th October)

We could make a plugin that allows the production of new 'upgrade' items, starting with the Netherite Ingot as a base.

There would be requirements and recipes, and it could get more complex the higher up you go.

Stage 1:
Base Stage.
Netherite Armour, Vanilla.

Stage 2:
Netherite Armour + Ingot (2 ingots total), improved base stats.

Stage 3:
Netherite+ Armour + 2 ingots

Stage 4:
DragonScale Armour
Netherite++ Armour + 3 Ingots and a Turtle Shell Helmet

At this point, we would start implementing new items and effects.

Base recipe:

4 Ingots surrounding <item>
Center item would determine the block produced.

Center items:
Blaze Rod (Slight particle effects [Red], updated fiery essence visuals on armour, half a tick of fire damage onHit)
Phantom Membrane (Slight particle effects [Purple], updated scaley visuals on armour, slightly reduced gravity [low value Jump effect])
Eye of Ender (Slight Particle Effects [Black+Blue/Green], updated 'void' visuals on armour, ability to mimic thrown Enderpearl effect [teleport upto a maximum distance, receiving damage scaling with the distance travelled])

Custom Center Items:
Phoenix Feather [8 Feathers surrounding 1 Blaze Powder] (Slight Particle Effects [Orange], updated visuals on armour, Totem of Undying effect [expendable], 'explosion' occurs when reviving, blowing entities back and causing 1 tick of fire damage)
<Enter More Here>

Further Tiers:
Mob Heads
4-8 Netherite Ingots surrounding a Mob Head.
Different effect depending on the mob head used.


I feel like this would be a great idea, I'm personally a big fan of PVP and I feel like a feature like this would create a lot more interest for the server.


It would also give greater value to the Netherite Ingots ingame that currently lose their worth later game; contrary to what a late-game item should do.