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Denied Unban request

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Your IGN: M_Smurph157
Please list any previous names or relevant alt accounts: n/a
Time and date that the ban occurred (Estimate): 25/10/2020, not sure of time
What punishment are you appealing? (Jail, Mute, Warning, Kick, Ban): ban
Staff online during the incident: Qty, that is what the screen says
What is the reason given for the punishment?: x-ray
Tell us your side of the story: Me and my little brother use the same home computer to play minecraft. My gamer friends wanted to play minecraft for like the first time in a while bc i'm in year 12 and like study, you know. Anyway i hop on the server they want, which is already in my list of multiplayer servers, except it comes up with a ban. I have no real details about this ban bc i wasn't playing. It is kind of stupid so I understand if this thing doesn't change, but i just thought it might be worth trying anyway. Hope to hear from you soon.:smile:
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Not open for further replies.