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Approved Unban request

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Your IGN: kittykat125
Please list any previous names or relevant alt accounts: none
Time and date that the ban occurred (Estimate): 20/8/2016 time: n/a
What punishment are you appealing? (Jail, Mute, Warning, Kick, Ban): Ban
Staff online during the incident: StabbyInc
What is the reason given for the punishment?: Grief
Tell us your side of the story:
I was wandering around with my friends, and I made a poor choice. I griefed and stole from somebody's home. However, this was more than three years ago, and I realise how wrong I was to do that. I would never do this to anyone again as it is not appropriate. I would love to be able to come on the server again and play.



Hi kittykat125,

As the staff member that originally banned you isn't around anymore, I'll be handling your appeal.
Although there's no proof attached on the original ban, I very much remember the reason for the ban as the grief was substantial. However, as this was well over three years ago, and there are no prior punishments on record, I'll give you another chance and unban you.

Please ensure you immediately read the rules by using /rules when you join, and be sure to follow them to avoid being banned again.

Not open for further replies.