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Unban me please

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Jarryd Bent

Your IGN:JaZza2419
Time that the ban occurred (Estimate):I think it was July 11 around 2pm
Survival or Creative:Survival
Admins online during the incident:I don't know
What did you do that you consider to be bannable and why do you believe you should be un banned?:I broke through a giant fenced off wall. I was not sure why it was there but it was my stupid mistake to break through to see what was inside. I believe I should be unbanned because I now know the boundaries and will abide by the rules as I always have. If and admin remembers me for 3 years ago when I used to be an admin on here- HI :smile:
Hi JaZza,

I'm willing to give you a second chance, but just don't let it happen again.:wink:
Hope to see you around more!
Not open for further replies.