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Typhoidinator's New bAdmin Application



In-game Name: Typhoidinator
Current Age: 16

Hey there, I am applying for bAdmin because, well I believe I would make a good addition to the team of administrators.
Why do I believe this, well I am on every day, I'm always trying to help out others in any way that I can & I'm at the rank of MagmaSlime & have played a total of around 150 hours (now that's a lot)
I am a very mature player and I seem to get along with everyone on the server. I have made tonnes of friends & I'm sure they would agree I am bAdmin material. I did try applying last month but wasn't successful so I am hoping this time around I would be more likely. I want to help out his great server in any way that I can and hopefully bAdmin will allow me to do so.
Sincerely- Typh or Jay :smile: