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trouble connecting to the server

i recently found this server and have been playing for a few days on creative, however im having trouble connecting as of today. The regular ip address did not let me login, giving the error message 'connection timeout'. I noticed one other person had a similar issue, and they used the alternate ip address to login, which i tried. At first i was able to login but several times after, it kicked me before i could join, saying i was using a proxy or VPN, neither of which i use. Now i cant login at all with either of the ip's and im not sure what to do.

I also didnt connect my account to the discord server before this issue started happening to i wasnt able to check the discord for information.


Hey ItsBeck!
Are you inside or outside of Aus?

It does seem to be causing issues for people outside of Australia joining with the join.auscraft.net address, but I've adjusted it now to allow your account through.
Please let me know if you keep having issues!