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tHelper Application

Ingame Name: Plebseno (server is having trouble updating name change, could also be "Zowaah")
Current Age: 26
Is the date between the 25th and 28th of the month: Yes

What is your current Ontime?
Joined: 13/09/2020

Do you have any previous bans: No

Why you think you'll be a good tHelper:
One of the main things that draws me to this server is how similar and familiar it is to how I used to run my server, which was very large scale and made several partnerships along the way which lead beyond just the game itself. Having this past experience I believe gives me a deep understanding of how most servers are run and the use of a wide variety of plugins. My extensive knowledge allows me to be quick on my feet when answering player queries. For plugins I don't know I am very willing to learn and can pick up quickly. I'm very comfortable with the use of many anti-grief plugins and have used most on the market including CoreProtect, Logblock (my personal fav) and Prism. I believe I'm very capable, fast, efficient and cohesive when helping those in need and understanding their troubles and queries. I'm also good at deescalating heated situations between players. All the things and more that you would require in a helper I do possess, and hope to put to good use here at Auscraft. I feel as though for me personally now is a good time to apply for this position, as I'm able to put in the time for it, and it's something I'm good at and simply enjoy doing. If you have any questions please feel welcome to message me on discord: Plebsen#0001
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