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the_PHAT's bAdmin Application (re-applying)

Ingame Name: the_PHAT
Current Age: 14
Why you deserve bAdmin: A while ago I was told that I have to re-apply every month if I wanted to.. so I am! I play on the server as often as possible, what with school and homework and the like. I try to help out around the community as much as I can, and ban as many griefers as soon as possible! I would say that I'm starting to get used to the commands that have been provided to me, as I have never had the responsibility of using log block or banning/kicking people before. I would say I have done well for my first time being a bAdmin, but I guess that's up to you lovely folks to decide!

Good luck to everyone else applying for bAdmin!


Heck yeah!

the_PHAT is one of the most kindest, fun loving players on the server. She's mature and trustworthy, doesn't bully other players and is always very helpful and i've NEVER seen her abuse her bAdmin powers (< Something to consider in comparison to other 'higher-ranked' players).

Much Love!
Well I can personally testify that the_phat is has definitely been living up to her current rank, she has helped me with griefing a couple of times.

Also, despite what she may say, she has gotten used to the admin controls enough to be at least competent.