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The Rank System - possible improvements

Greetings! This is Azailia coming to you from Chaosspirit's account.

I post this thread with feedback/suggestions for improving the rank system as I currently feel that the RP requirement for each level/rank feels too large and that there isn't enough ways to earn RP.
If i complete 7 days of tasks and the weekly tasks for 1 week that gets me roughly 645 RP and will take me 3 weeks to achieve the Explorer rank, doing this feels like a mammoth task given the only reward i know of is 2 more AH slots.

- I love that server voting quests give RP, that's awesome!
- I love the daily and weekly task system however i think the number of weekly tasks could be doubled
- Adding more ways to gain RP is probably needed (this could possibly be done by hosting events/competitions for builds that fit different themes or player skin design challenges with the reward of RP would be an amazing addition)

If anyone completely disagrees or has a different point of view id be keen to know! Reply below if I've hit the nail on the head OR completely missed the mark here



Hey there Azalila/Chaos , Hearing you loud and clear on that front , the rank system atm is still very young and new, and changes are in the works to boost quests quality/points. But this is taking time as its rather new to all of us :smile: