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Survival Feature Updates & Change log.


Happy Monday, everyone!

School holidays are here! Well, for QLD and VIC they are... but the rest of you will be soon too!
We have a fair few features pushing out today, so I wanted to make a post here to outline everything. If you have any questions after reading, just reply to this thread and I'll get back to you!

Before we jump in, let's have a look at some fun statistics for Survival since our release (which was only on the 5th of this month)!

» There have been over 660 players join Survival.
» All the ranking users (who have started their /arank) have already accumulated over 11 months worth of play time!
» There has been over 2,200 deaths...thank god for Tombstones?
» We're nearing 100 player kills... remember to see Brutus at /pvp to battle your friends safely!
» Over 600 land claims have been created.

Alright, onto the even more exciting stuff!


Magnus has opened his market stall, and has asked me to introduced the currency he will be using in his stall: Ethereal Light!

How to obtain: Ethereal Light will be given out through ranking up (/rankcheck), through the Currency Crate (more info below), giveaways, events and soon to come; daily quests.

What is Magnus selling? In my
1.16.2 release post, I outlined different tomes magnus will be selling. After a lot of negotiating with him, he's going to be selling other items that not obtainable in vanilla. These include Sell Wands, Money Pouches and Creature Eggs!


How does Ethereal Light work? Ethereal Light is stored in an Ethereal Crystal. Whenever you receive Ethereal Light it will be given to you in a crystal, or if you have an existing crystal the light will be absorbed into your existing one.

You are able to splice your crystal, either by command, or by right clicking the crystal in your inventory!

To merge two Ethereal Crystals together, just put one on top of the other in your inventory.

Make sure you keep your Ethereal Crystals stored safely, and head to /market to see everything
Magnus is offering, including his prices!



The In my 1.16.2 release post, we stated we would be releasing the Money Crate, we've adjusted this to now be the Currency Crate, so you will have a 100% chance of either receiving Money or Ethereal Light from voting, and this is live now!



Last Saturday we posted this guide of our (custom) sorting system. This is a much more friendly (and cheaper and easier) auto sorting system for Survival due to no need to use hoppers!

If you need assistance setting this up and the
guide isn't helping you, please just create a /ticket in-game.



This addition just made selling items to the market a WHOLE lot easier! Sell Wands will allow you to click a chest and any items that can be sold to the market will automagically be sold, and the money put into your pocket.

How to obtain: Sell wands are available through ranking up (/rankcheck), purchased from Magnus, and the online store.


We've seen how much you guys have been loving the different tomes, so we've added more! Now you can get tomes for your Elytra (distance flown), your Armour (damage absorbed) and your Shield (damage blocked).

They're a small little pouch, but can have anywhere
from $50 - 500 inside!

How to obtain: Money pouches can be purchased from
Magnus and will be added to the Tier Crate soon.



We've updated the
Online Store with new Virtual Tools. This includes all the new blocks such as Grindstones, Blast Furnaces, and more.

For those of you who have purchased Virtual Tools when they were last active in-game, your permissions will be reapplied when you join next!


We've updated the online store with disguises! It's been a while since we've added updated them, so now we have all of the 1.14 -> 1.16 mobs!

I'll also be updating the Disguise Menu in-game to list some
useful commands you can use.

NOTE: These are live on the store right now, but won't be available
on the menu until after the 3AM restart!

We've added a bunch more things to the store: Sell Wands, Bundled Statistic Tomes, Other Tomes, Tombstones & more!


I just wanted to touch base with you all on Creative. I know it's been delayed, but I'm working hard with it - I've just been flat out with Survival, bug fixes and updates.

I will hopefully have it ready mid-late this week, but thank you all for your patience, and I can't wait to start a build competition to see you all build without limits.


  • More bugfixes for the Vote party
    • Added support for disconnecting during a party.
    • Added support if you try to join a party but haven't voted.
  • Fixed the air perk not applying permissions correctly.
  • Replaced Polished Basalt with Polished Blackstone Bricks in Nexus' stall.
  • Fixed a market bug displaying the cost for one item instead of the amount you're carrying.
  • Adjusted market formatting to add an extra decimal point.
  • Fixed toggling redstone in Creature Repeller's not working.
  • Fixed a few visual issues in some server messages.
  • Enabled in-game auto announcements.
  • Slightly nerfed mcMMO Herbalism.
  • Crimson & Warped doors/trapdoors can no long be bypassed in claims.
  • Fixed issues with the Knight kit.
Lastly, if you aren't in our Discord server, consider joining to stay in touch with the community and to view the fixes, adjustments and additions listed in the #change-log and/or #announcements.

That's it for now, folks!
We thank you all so much for your amazing support since the release. Whether that be through playing, voting, the online store - it all helps grow this amazing community and keeps us hard at work!

As always, if you find any issues with this new content in-game, leave a ticket and we'll help you out as soon as possible.

~ Camm


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