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i have an idea for some of the plugins you could add 1. jobs reborn, it is for jobs 2. bank - lite, it is best bank i have ever seen 3. Aurelium Skills, hav'nt tried it just did some quick research about it, becouse i needed a third one. now please accept my ideas, and thoughts of what i think would be the best for this server



Hey Jed,

Cheers for the suggestion & apologies on the lengthy delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately these plugins do go against what we thing AusCraft should have.

Jobs Reborn isn't something we've ever wanted to have, as we want player's to earn money through other means. Bank - Lite is a bit too excessive, we already have economy storage, and don't want to dip into experience storage (and other types).

Finally, Aurelium Skills seems similar to mcMMO, just with a lot more added skills/abilities. It definitely dips out of the standard "skills" we believe should be on the server, and as such won't be something we'd go for.

But again, cheers for your suggestions!