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*straps on Rift S*

Hello everyone! I've been around a while (Atsuma's president, if anyone remembers) but I neglected to ever make an introduction post!

Just call me Stormy. :D

I've been playing Minecraft since it pretty much first came out but I'm still a terrible builder, but I'm getting better! And my most recent passion has been redstone, learning how to make all sorts of cool contraptions. You'll probably see them in my bases!

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you all in the wild!

- oh, and if anyone could tell me how to add a profile picture to my forum account, that would rock! peace!

1173Stormy of Atsuma 1174


Server Moderator
Welcome Stormy to the Forums! Can't wait to see what Redstone you'll pump out :D
(And btw you can't change your pfp, that's for Mods+).