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Store suggestion: Enchant command dead content

Hi all,

I recently purchased the /enchant command perk and noticed you still require to be close to bookshelves in order to achieve the maximum level enchant (It does state this in the store). Now in my opinion, I believe this is pretty much dead on arrival due to the previously mentioned required and the following reason.

All players have immediate access to a level 30 enchantment table at /warp workshop, therefore this perk does not offer a benefit to anyone as I would be required to stand on top of said enchanting table in order to access level 30 enchants with that command. It would be quicker to just place the table and right click it rather than type the command.

The fix I'm suggesting and the true benefit of purchasing this perk should owning the ability to enchant at level 30 without the requirement of bookshelves and therefore you will not be required to warp out of your mob spawner or leave whatever task it is you are conducting.

Thanks, Kafun.


Hey Kafun!

Cheers for the suggestion.
You're dead right with this though, it currently does require bookshelves to actually function, and it renders the perk almost useless (i'm not keen on it either). As you saw, I did note the need of bookshelves when I re-added it, as I wanted people to know how it was functioning right now.

There are plans in the very near future to have it default to a level 30 enchanting table without having the need to be near any bookshelves.
I haven't decided if it will have the three levels, do you think this would be a useful feature of the perk? Or is the flat 30 level fine?

I'd be happy to refund you the perk for now if you wish, or if you're happy to wait I can promise you it'll be sorted ASAP (there's obviously a lot to be done)!

Cheers. :smile:
Cheers for the reply,

all good though mate I'd rather keep it as I would end up to re-purchasing the perk anyway, thank you for the offer though!

My preference would be for it to have all 3 levels as some members may wish to only spend 1 level if they receive a bad enchant however either way would 100% be an improvement

Look forward to seeing the change in the near future!



Cheers for getting back to me, Kafun!
I'll look at implementing the three levels based off a command (/enchanttable 1(, 2, 3)) which will decide the level you open, and with no argument just opening the level 3 enchantment table.

Thanks again!