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Denied Staff Abuse Report

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Today at around 1:am CT
They both muted me without context
These two were the mods online.

So pretty much, someone stole a diamond and made a shovel with it, so I got that sorted out, but then I wanted the shovel back and kept going on about it. I proceeded to then get muted, after people in the chat told the staff to mute me, when I shouldn't have been muted because after I got my shovel I quit. Then, I waited my 10 minutes, and was trying to get help doing /report to get someone with the abuse, then I did /report twice, then was both closed, even though I couldn't do /read. I was then asking both mods why I was muted, and then went to another mod after the minley wasn't doing anything;. I then said "I have a question." They said "yes?" I said 'If I have an issue do I do /report?" They just sent a link, I think to the forms, so I said " What?" then "What do I do if I have an issue?" then nothing, so then after a minute or so I messaged them saying "Hello? Am I being ignored?" Then was muted for a day. I have the screenshot they took themselves.


Hi Rinker,

Thanks for your report. I've reviewed all logs regarding Minley, AttitudeJuanita, xd0 and yourself.

Regarding Minley & AttitudeJuanita muting you without context, this couldn't be further from the truth, and going off the way you and your friends(?) were presenting in-game, I personally feel you were just trying to cause trouble and waste the Mods time.
Let's break this down to make it incredibly easy to follow:

  • Your diamond was stolen.
  • Your diamond was replaced.
  • You weren't happy with this because it wasn't your diamond and wanted the shovel your diamond had been made into you
  • You were then given a diamond shovel, to which you weren't happy as it wasn't your diamond shovel.
  • You were verbally warned in chat to cease the conversation as it had been finalised and your item was replaced, and at this time you were also disrupting other players.
  • You continued you talk about this which is why you were muted (ignoring staff).
  • You then PM'd both Minley & AttitudeJuanita asking why you were muted, to which they gave you a reason.
  • You continued to PM them for some time trying to dispute your mute (all disputes should be handled in the appeals forum here), and on top of this, you created several tickets of the same issue.

The Staff team on this server are always fair and reasonable with all players, we have strict guidelines in place for punishments which were followed in this case. I understand you may have been upset your diamond was taken, but both Staff went out of their way to replace it for you (and more). The verbal warning and mute you received was more than warranted.

If you decide to rejoin and be active in chat when your mute is expired, please keep in mind the team are constantly assisting many players, so try to be thankful for what they do for you (in this case, returning your diamonds and resolving your issue) without being ungrateful because it isn't the exact outcome you wanted (in this case, it wasn't your diamond).

Due to the above, I'm refuting this claim of Staff abuse and I do hope you are more considerate in the future.

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