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Small Plugin Update!


Hey guys,
Just a quick thread to let you know about two Plugins our DevMan OhBlihv has made up for us.
Nothing too big, but just makes stuff easier for you guys :smile:

First we have,


Used to be this ugly thing (with "Aus" not being the right colour....come on guys)

New one?
Type /servers and this will come up:

Hover over either Survival, Hub or Creative and it'll tell you the amount of players online. To join - simply click the icon.
Next we have in-game purchasable Villagers!

The reason we have decided to do this is because this is Survival, we want you guys out there catching them yourselves!

The way this works, you type /villagers in chat, you'll get a confirmation message, type it again and BAM you have your villager (screenshots below).
The price of villagers start at $500 and multiply by two each purchase.

We hope this helps you guys out! :smile: