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Shop Update!


Hey all!
I've just done up this post to keep a clean list of shops/information on the advertised shop warps at spawn.

All you need to do is send me a message on the forums, or in game (by using /mail send CAMM_) requesting to claim a sign to advertise your shop! (obviously include your shop name)

Obviously there are terms to this -
  • I only ask that if you wish to advertise your shop at spawn that your shop is kept updated and stocked (I will be checking :p)
  • The signs will be refreshed every few weeks so other players get the chance to advertise their shop aswell (sharing is caring :wink:)
  • I will post in this thread when the signs have been cleared. Remember, all you need to do is message me here, or send me a mail in game!
The shop warps are right outside the rules in spawn, alternatively you can use
/warp shoplist

If you miss the chance on getting a sign, or even if you own one, feel free to post below your shop information and i'll add it to this post :smile: Just include your In game name, and shop name! (Remember, only post it if you keep it stocked)

Thanks guys, hope this helps a little :smile:
(PS: Sorry if this is a little messy/confusing - I'm tired from getting back from my holiday (how does that work xD))

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All shop sign have been taken guys! They'll refresh in a week or so. Watch this thread! :smile:

Remember to post your shop name below and i'll add it to the list :smile:


Name: kyuubimaru, etrenix
Shop Warp: ./warp skyshop
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Mah Name: Littlest_Jukka (unconfirmed leader of the unconfirmed Jukkanati and Puffernati at your service)
Shop Warp: Jukkashop
Enchanted books, ores and general goods. A bit of Buy AND Sell. :smile:


Name : Lightmelder
Shop warp : mshop

sells misc building blocks, dyes and other assorted goods