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Selling more stuff at spawn

Hi everybody hope youre doing well!

So i noticed there isn't really a lot you can sell by default to shops at spawn apart from ores so itd be nice to sell more stuff at spawn particularly saddles. Saddles take up so much storage room and theres literally nothing to do with them if you have a lot. It would be nice to be able to sell it for like half the buying price to get use out of objects that literally have no use except for clutter and this could further apply to other items similar to this :smile:

Just an idea from the ol DS.Steve thanks for reading!
Agreed Steve. At the moment it's just mindlessly mining all day. A bigger variety should be offered as its the same old items. I'm not saying add everything to sell, but add things that make people work for it. I'd assume the (coming soon) outer world shop is going to deal with trading new nether blocks (just a guess). I'd stay away from things that can be easily farmed like kelp but consider things like gunpowder/cocoa etc....


Cheers for the suggestions, @deadsaintsteve & @Premalon.
Whilst we would like to add more things to the server market, we have to be very careful as to not introduce things that will cause players to automatically farm. Things like gunpowder & cocoa can very easily be farmable.

This map's market massively increased from the previous map's one, so we will take into consideration adding more items, I can't give you an ETA when we will do this, as I would rather see how the current shops go after a month or two, as the server has only been open for a week.
Fair enough with the farming aspect. What about things that are currently in the shop such as coloured concrete powder which can only be brought. Maybe adding things that have more than 1 step to obtain like stained glass or concrete blocks. There needs to be more incentive to create things to sell like selling a block of redstone ore would be someone's first choice over creating to sell in the electronics store as an example

Also on a side note. Once money comes in it stays in the economy unless someone is upgrading ranks. Have you ever considered alternate money sinks like chance to gamble for items/cosmetics/custom enchant books etc...?
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