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Reubi's Suggestions: Player Owned Shops


So the basis around these suggestions is giving players a little more control over the areas they designate to be their shop.

Firstly I would like to start by saying that having access to a larger number of shops would greatly benefit the community that is looking to create supposed "Super Marts". I know this has been discussed previously with a response reflecting positively in this direction, so I will not go into this more.

As far as I am aware, the drawback with increasing shop limits, is a direct increase in the amount of chests and entities going on in active zones. I am not sure what the limitations are of the plugin we are using, but perhaps keeping a timer on shops to disable them or move them to a virtual "Shop Inventory" when they expire might be a possible solution to this.

On that vein, there could be reason behind adding functionality for players to create their own shops in the same style as our NPC Marketplaces, where the players themselves control the prices and marketing of those goods.

Once Leasers can be established, having other people attached to that lease with a stake in particular shops would be another amazing addition, so...

Most shops are not run or created by a single person, but as it is now, shops can only be managed and collected from by one.
This suggestion, is to allow us to add players to the ownership of a shop, giving them a "shared stake" in the items sold there. For instance, I had someone help me build my storefront, and I would potentially want them to have a percentage of all the sales made through the shops for the entirety that storefront is being used. With this functionality, the collaborative work of multiple people would be more easily acknowledged, and bigger/better builds can be accomplished.

I believe this would benefit both Shops and Claims in general, but having the option to expel players from a claimed area if they're not wanted there for whatever reason.

If you own the claim, you could use /expel $arg1|all. This would either push the player designated in $arg1 to the edge of the claim if safe, or teleport them back to their set /home(or bed). If </expel all> is used, it would send all players away that are not trusted in the claim.