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Reubi's Suggestions: Custom(ed)izable Items



So, I brought this up in a previous suggestion with the tiered armour sets being a custom set, but this is on a slightly different strain.

Basically, custom mob interactions (Another post to come) where a 'special' mob spawns with a chance to drop access to a new chest with the new 'custom' loot in it.
This custom loot would have stats equivalent to the armour set that is deemed to be equal to its value and rarity in game (Iron, Diamond, Netheriet, +?), but be made out of dyed Leather; dyed in a collectible fashion to encourage players to assemble the whole set. The whole RGB 255,255,255 can be used to assign colour. These armours should be otherwise uncraftable.

Players would have an even chance to get each piece, in each colour, and can work with each other to collect full sets.


Glowing Shulker Boxes.

Custom (Server Resource Pack) Shulker skins:
Event themed (Jack O Lanterns, Wrapped gifts, Easter Eggs/Bunny) Shulker Skins, Milestone themed skins, ability to purchase a customized, personalized skin to be applied (not made for you) in the same way a Tome is applied.