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Reubi's Suggestions: Craftbook QoL


So as far as I am aware, we are using our own fork of the Craftbook plugin. If I am wrong in this, please disregard.

Currently, it's not possible to sort different potions as they are just displayed as "Potion" or "Splash Potion" or something similar when adding them to a [Collect]/[Deposit] sign.

Would it be a possible feature to add each potion to the accepted values?
I believe the potions description is best displayed in its Lore line.

The next best thing after knowing a function exists in a program, is knowing what parts of the function are able to be used, and how those functions can be used to the greatest effect.

Is there currently a publicly accessible wiki that would display the available mechanics to be used on the server, how to use them, and the restrictions put on them (like data clearing full minecart chests) so we are able to have this lag-friendlier alternative more readily available for general use.

I'll add to this post, either by Reply or Edit with timestamp to reflect further suggestions on this topic (Whichever is preferred).
Old/turned down suggestions shouldn't be removed, as it's a good indicator for anyone in the future who might be thinking along the same lines as myself.