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Denied Ranga_ T-Helper App

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Ingame Name: Ranga_
Current Age: 28
Is the date between the 25th and 28th of the month:yes
(if not, do not submit your application)
What is your current Ontime? 1 week 4 days
(Hover over your prefix in-game)
Do you have any previous bans: I'm not aware of any real bans
(Enquire if unsure)
Why you think you'll be a good tHelper:
Previously I have been a staff member on Auscraft, and unfortunately had too much on my plate and had to step down.
I still love the community and feel like my experience and minecraft knowledge can be put to good use again.
yes I'm fully aware I'll have to undergo training
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Hey Ranga,

Cheers for the application, unfortunately we aren't processing Helper applications this month, but feel free to apply next month! :smile:
Not open for further replies.