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Public Market near spawn


Hey all,

I was curious if we could perhaps have a /warp Market that took the players to a server ran plot market system where players could purchase a plot for $x per week (value depending on plot size/location) & build their own little shop that they can run. If a player doesn't maintain the shop after x amount of time then perhaps the plot could become vacant again and the items that where remaining by the previous tenant would be claimable via a virtual chest command.

The current method of having to type out "/warp list 1-24" and warping to every shop listed just to find them all out of stock is a very tedious task and often means you've wasted a solid 30 minutes just trying to find a efficiency book with no avail.



Hey Bodyart,

Cheers for the suggestion! I do recall I spoke to you on voice chat about this, but I will also reiterate it here.

As I mentioned, we have had this in the past - the first time it became way too many entities/tile entities loaded in an area and would effect server performance, so we scrapped it. A few years later we revisited it with only a certain amount of available shops (I believe it was 9), however, player's quickly lost interest so again, we scrapped the idea.

There is the /board where player's can list their shop, which if used more would solve the issue of searching through warp lists. I do know that the setup of adding a listing isn't very streamlined, but it is in my 'to do' to improve on.