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Poison_Boi Discord > Auscraft Server Ban appeal

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Your IGN: Poison_Boi
Please list any previous names or relevant alt accounts: Poisoned_Gamer02
Time and date that the ban occurred (Estimate): 24/06/2020 3:40pm SA time
What punishment are you appealing? (Jail, Mute, Warning, Kick, Ban): Ban/Jail?
Staff online during the incident: Owner (Camm)
What is the reason given for the punishment?: Acting as a Staff member
Tell us your side of the story:

(Note: I Don't remember word for word on this incident)

So on the 24/06/2020 around 3:40pm SA time. I was posting messages in the Science and Technology telling a player/Member (Can't remember Name, Sorry :l ) i was telling him he was posting in the wrong channel and he needs to stop, The messages were shortly deleted not long after i did it the first time, then i wen't ahead and posted it in the General Chat saying something like this "Akoura ** Do NOT post messages in the wrong channel OR ELSE......" and shortly after that Camm said "Bye" and there was another message said by another player/member that i can't remember Sorry again, then i tried joining back and it said i was banned from this server

Not sure where i should be putting my Apology speech So just going to put it here.

Apology Speech and what i will do better next time:
First of all I've had a lot of chances on this server (The Discord Server mainly) i feel as i have crossed the line by a mile this time, I feel guilty, Stupid and i know my mistake which was imposing as a staff member which i clearly am not. I am sorry to Akoura for tagging him for unnecessary use of tag and speaking down to him. I am sorry to (Owner ~ Camm) for having to Ban me for this awful act of myself. I apologize for all my actions here and if i was to be granted access to the wonderful community as Auscraft Discord i will follow the following actions in a respectful and kind manner to all staff and member of the Community:

(1) Respecting Staff
(2) Respecting All members
(3) Not Spamming Chat
(4) I won't pick on people for there mistakes as i have my own
(5) I will not Post attachments, Messages, Websites, Gifs in the wrong chat unless its accidentally
(6) I will insult or abuse other members

If i was to be granted access to the wide community of online discord i will show all rules and accept that i am a person now someone that is beyond that. If i was also to be granted access to the server again i will show all values to players, myself, Staff and the one and only Camm.

I believe i am a good person and i will show you that 100% i don't like being called Weird, Creepy and strange unless its a joke of course and i will change that to make everyone feel comfortable on the internet.

If you don't believe that i will change put me on a leash and watch me like hawk. << Common phrase

Me getting ban is a big kick in the guts but i can fix it, and I WILL FIX IT in anyway necessary which starts with the listed things above ^

This is my first BAN on discord, Hope this is what your after. Note: I've never been banned on any server via: (Discord, or minecraft)

Thank You very much for reading and i will see you soon.

Kind Regards,
Poison! <3 :D


Hey Poison,

To start off, you weren't banned for "Acting as a Staff member ", you were banned due to the many reminders, and helpful advice you've received from Staff in regards to how you've been handling yourself on Discord. I'm obviously very busy at the moment, so I won't dive into it too much (this time), but please remember a few key things about using Discord:

  • Keep messages in the correct channels - we're not usually very strict on this, but unfortunately we've had to be tighter on it with you personally as there was a time when you were constantly using incorrect channels. Some people (myself included) have channels unmuted to have discussions, if they're being filled with things consistently unrelated to the topic, people steer away from it.
  • Take initiate and do your own research - too many times you're asking people for things a quick Google would tell you, it's great to spark up a conversation, but asking someone how to do something, or what something is that is either generally very obvious, or if not something Google would tell you - people get tired of it.
  • Listen to Staff and show respect - If you're asked to do something, do it. There's no need for you to voice your opinion on how unhappy you are about it, or to reply with snarky remarks, just do what you're instructed and you won't end up in this situation again.

I will change this ban to a temporary banned and you will be unbanned this coming Friday afternoon at 3PM.
Please take this time to understand the above, and adjust your behaviour accordingly. We love people using the Discord and chatting, but they must stick within the rules and guidelines.

Not open for further replies.