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Approved please unban and read this

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I was banned on the 14th of October until the 28th of October due to griefing /warp farm the reason was that the crops were left unplanted that was my fault how ever it was not on purpose i was distracted by a phone call and when i came back to the game i forgot to replant the crops and i just went straight to /warp besttrades where i sold all the crops i had just farmed for emeralds to buy books for my shop, i would like to ask to be unbanned but i understand if im not since i have griefed /warp farm before in the past. im not sure if this is the way to post a ban apeal but im not sure how else to do it so im sorry if this iisnt what im meant to do


Server Moderator
Hey siltycurve.

I understand that people can be forgetful, but please do try to remember in the future that /warp farm is a public farm. The farm only runs because we have the trust in people to do the right thing and replant all the crops that they removed. It may be best, for you to replant the crops at the farm before taking them to besttrade, that way you make sure you have the crops on hand before finding yourself stuck without any carrots.

The two week ban was issued because you currently have two active warnings in-game. If a third was to be issued, that would result in you being permanently banned from Auscraft. So, the next best action I could take was to issue you with the two week ban so that you would be able to come back to Auscraft once the ban ends. Actions have consequences, and since this is not your first account of grief in game, the consequence of doing so had to be lasting as a reminder that we don't tolerate grief of any sort in-game.

However, you do acknowledge that it's in your fault, and I do have evidence of you replanting crops, despite missing those other crops. So, I'm going to approve this unban appeal.
Please take this as a reminder to check what you've taken, and hopefully we have no more issues with this in the future.
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