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Approved Please Read, and Consider to Unban

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IGN: Rockerboyd
Time of ban: April 17, 2017
Punishment: Ban (Permanent Ban)
Staff online during incident: StabbyInc, CAMM and one more moderator (unknown)
Reason for punishment: Hate speech
My side of the story:

I don't remember too much about what exactly I said, or particularly what the context of the conversation that lead up to me saying what I said.

I think I was just grinding, going back and forth from the exp grinder and enchanting room. I was just talking with general people in the chat. I then started discussing with someone about something. One way or another, this little discussion somehow 'flowed' to the sensitive subject of autism (on my part, I believe). I think the person I was chatting with said something, and then I said, "I have autism." I think the person then said "Rocker!", my reply was, "What?" And then the screen went black. It said, "Banned by StabbyInc. Reason: Hate speech."

I don't know what I was doing or thinking. I was going through a dumb moment, and I acknowledge that no apology or excuse will grant me a sudden holy revival, or something. If my appeal is not accepted, then I understand, I think I'll use it as a lesson for any other server that I come across and like.
Hey there Rocker , (Sorry about the late reply )
the other Mod that was online was in-fact myself! Haha, and the one who issued the ban was StabbyInc, who is no longer with us. As such, ill be looking over this :smile:
What you said in-game was not in any way in line with our rules, however, the jumping of our warnings system to a perm ban was far too extreme.
Due to this, Ill be granting your unban request, hope to see you ingame :smile:
Not open for further replies.