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Player shops, Reactions, Easter & more!


Hey guys!

Thanks for being patient with today, no matter how much you test things in development environments, the second it’s on a production environment a lot breaks :frown:

To start off, apologies it's been so quiet around here lately on my behalf, as some know I had to go in for a minor surgery earlier in March, unfortunately, this turned into anything but minor with post-op being a nightmare and having several complications which eventually led me back into Surgery.
However, I'm all healed and well again so back to dedicating a lot of time to new content for AusCraft! I just wanted to let you all know why I wasn't so active and why there weren't too many updates over the past few weeks, I’m still currently on Holidays but will be returning home early next week, so expect to see me around more :>

In this post, I'll cover the additions I’ve done today, the 1.14 update, a small changelog of bug fixes that are worth noting, staff changes and some info about the (lack of) Easter event this weekend.

Let us jump into it:

1.14 UPDATE:
I’m so hyped for this! It seems Mojang are getting better and better with their updates! Currently, Spigot has (obviously) not updated to 1.14 yet, as it was only released today.

Once Spigot updates, our developer(s) will be hard at work updating our plugins, so we can move to 1.14 as soon as possible! The map will not be getting wiped, but it will receive a massive expansion to help generate the new structures, biomes, and blocks. Currently, the world border is a 7,500k, we will be expanding it to 30,000k (in each direction) which is MASSIVE. That’s over 920 BILLION blocks for everyone to play in.

This update will take nowhere near as long as the 1.13.x did, due to 1.14 not having as many backend technical changes that 1.13 did. However, please remember we do have to rely on Spigot and other plugins to update first, so we will keep you all in the loop! Trust me when I say I’m as excited as you guys to play and kill villagers explore the new villages and biomes.

Welcome them back with open arms! We’re using a completely new system compared to the previous maps, no more having to link your shop with redstone dust. Now, everything is a lot more simple and will make everyone's life easier! Check out @iLycheeee's guide here.

Here’s a few things worth knowing:
  • Settler + can use shops
  • Wanderer + can create shops
  • Limited to Single Chest shops
  • Max of 30 shops
  • Survivor can create double chest shops and receives a max of 4 0 shops
  • Brawler receives a max of 50 shops
  • Knight receives a max of 60 shops
  • Each shop will cost $30 (in-game money) to create
As this plugin is very new, please ensure you do not exploit any bugs/glitches with it! If you feel there is something wrong with it, or you’re having any issues, simply use /report and staff will assist you when they can!

Time to pretty up chat! DragonSlayer, Sorcerer & Immortal all get access to /nick (including colour and formatting codes!), whilst /chat can be purchased via the store here. There are obviously limitations to this, so please do not try to abuse it, as permissions can and will be removed!

Nickname commands:
  • /nick <name> - Set your nickname
  • /delnick - Delete your nickname
  • /realname <nick> - View a players real name
Voting functionality is back, we rely on your votes to keep our server listed higher and hiGHER in the server lists. Currently, there are no rewards but they’re being worked on and you’ll see them soon! Each month, the player with the highest votes will receive a store voucher for their commitment and support (starting from May)!

Use /vote in-game to open the new GUI which will give you a rundown on everything. If you can’t wait and want to vote INSTANTLY just type /voteurl. I’ve simplified the links so they’re easy to remember for everyone.

Our favourite in-game...game(?) Is back! Reaction is no longer just about who has the latest version of AriaHax, or who can unscramble the quickest, you’ll now see reactions including having to perform actions for the almighty server (jumping, running, eating, etc), and there is also questions to be answered in Trivia and Math reactions, so stock up on energy drinks and stay alert! You want to be the monthly winner of Reaction :wink:

You can all stop destroying @Jackoo's poor desert now! Hit this place up whenever you need sand, just let us know when it needs refilling by using /report! Use /warp sand for all your gross, sandy goodness!

Due to the above and me being on Holidays, I knew I didn't have time to get an event ready, which is why there was no mention of one coming up to Easter. I feel bad about this and still want to give you guys something to celebrate Easter in-game, so I will run a special event that will see every player completing it walking away with a fat cash prize. The first player to complete the event will also get a $30 store voucher. But more on this soon!

Over the past year, the current Mod team have shown outstanding work in every aspect of the server. From Moderating the server to coming up with ideas for the future of AusCraft and assisting in SO MUCH bug testing. These guys have really came out of their shells in the past year and the server simply wouldn’t be where or how it is today without them, so please join me in congratulating them on their new Admin roles and when you see them online next, be sure to thank them for their efforts they give to the network, and you!

As I said above, when I get home I’ll continue working on Survival and preparing the server for the 1.14 update as the plugin updates drop. During this time, I’ll be bringing forward more features listed in the original update thread, such as:
  • Disguises
  • Pets
  • Forum -> Server syncing
  • Trails
  • The End release
  • Creative
  • & more!
OTHER NOTABLE CHANGES/FIXES (this isn't including small issues we've fixed):
  • Removed the Death tax from Settler & Wanderer
  • Reduced the prices of the Miniblocks so you all can afford to make your homes prettier
  • Introduced new items to the Admin Shop at spawn
  • Fixed spawners being broken inside claims
  • Fixed the /warp and /back cooldown for paid ranks
  • Fixed players being stuck on horses in spawn
  • Fixed death messages for new mobs + some old ones not showing
  • Mob Repellers can now be used with redstone
  • Added the starter kit
  • You can now remove nearly all mcMMO messages with /mcnotify
  • Fixed Immortal not always getting keep Inv/Exp on death
  • Increase monetary rewards from some mobs
  • Fixed players having issues with ranking up after reaching Knight
Please keep any questions regarding these changes to this thread, and if you need help in-game use /report!

Cheers again for everyone's patience and understanding, if you enjoyed this post be sure to give it a like and subscribe to my chann... I went off topic.
Enjoy! <3
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