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about like 2 years ago me and my friend has lets say a little sheep collection and we were told to remove some of them because it was crashing the server so we did and it was at a good number of sheep but one of the admins _CAMM banned my permanently for the reason "NOPE" as I was a little pest and changed my name to _MMAC his name backwards and I guess he didn't like it so he banned me forever my nephew now plays on here and he wants me to join him just wondering if a little beef from 2 years ago can be forgiving a perma ban for this is a bit harsh anyways.!??
regards Junya
have a pleasant day

if I may add I am sorry to _CAMM I was just a child and me and my mate thought it would be funny at the time I now understand how it could have offended him in older days. thank you and sorry for my mistakes.

Please list any previous names or relevant alt accounts:None
Time and date that the ban occurred (Estimate):22/06/2016
What punishment are you appealing? (Jail, Mute, Warning, Kick, Ban):Ban
Staff online during the incident:_CAMM
What is the reason given for the punishment?:"NOPE"
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Hey Nursingme,

Cheers for your appeal. In future, please try to use the "Edit" button over posting multiple times. :smile:

Due to how long ago this was, and my poor ban reason, I have gone ahead and unbanned you.
As it has been so long since you've played, please ensure you read the rule book you'll receive as you join the server, as I don't want you to end up in a similar situation as last time you played!

Not open for further replies.