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MiniRanga_'s Helper Application :)


In-game Name: MiniRanga_

Current age: 16.

What is your current On-time? 3 Days < I did take a break from Minecraft but I have returned.

Do you have any previous bans:
I do not.

Why you think you'll be a good Helper:

Hey there! I do believe i would make a good helper to the AusCraft Community as I have been here since 2021 and know the server really well and most of the players too! I am a regular in voice chat, so I know some of the community well. (I haven't been in voice for a little while as i have been doing home things.) I love to help people out either in games or discord < I am good with discord also. I would love to join the staff team i was waiting for my 16th to apply and it would be a really good opportunity to come into a helper role with the AusCraft Community. I don't know much about the staff in-game plugins but i am really keen to learn and listen on how to use them. I "can" be a fast learner with this type stuff. i have good knowledge when helping out and making sure things run smoothly. I would love to come along and learn and i am looking forward to your reply!