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Minecraft turns 10, update on 1.14(.1) & more!


UPDATE: Build Competition winners!
Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Build Comp, there were some awesome builds there. But as always there are only a selected amount of winners, and they are outlined below!
Congratulations to you all again! I hope to see more entries in the next build competition, which we'll be running very soon. :D
Your prizes will PM'd to you here, so make sure you check your messages in a moment.

Finally, a huge thanks (again) to everyone who joined in for all the events to celebrate Minecrafts 10th Birthday! It was a great turnout and we are looking forward to more events soon.
Cheers :D

We have some exciting events and prizes planned that are starting today and more being released next Friday to celebrate Minecraft's 10th Birthday! I wanted to do this not only to celebrate Minecraft turning 10 but to also make up for no Easter events as I was on holidays!

I’ll also include a brief update about the 1.14 expansion, a rule adjustment in-game and some Staff changes at the bottom of this post.

Live now:
Build Competition

To kick things off, we’re running a Survival Build Competition! We’ve named this Competition the “Back to Basics”, so to celebrate Minecraft being 10 years old next week, you all have to show off how creative you can get only using some of the basic blocks of the game we know and love!

Information and rules:
  • To teleport to the build competition area, use /buildcomp
  • To view what blocks you’re allowed to build with, use /buildcomp blocks
  • All builds must be done individually and completed by 31/05/2019.
  • You must only use the blocks listed in the /buildcomp blocks GUI.
  • Place a sign at the front of your plot, with your in-game name on it.
  • You may use ONE plot each, there is only one entry per player.
  • You may claim your plot using a Golden Shovel.
  • This is a Survival Build Competition, so you have to use your own resources (hence why there is a lot of time to complete this)!
There will be three winners for the top three buildings and one winner for whoever uploads the best screenshot of their buildings to this thread!
  • First: $30 Store Voucher
  • Second: $20 Store Voucher
  • Third: $10 Store Voucher
  • Screenshot Winner: $5 Store Voucher & $5,000 in-game money
Event Shop

We’ve added in some limited edition Micro Blocks to the event shop, and will add some more goodies next Friday! But get these ones before you miss out. Type /shops in-game to be teleported to the Event Shops!

Haaaa, gotcha. There are no spoilers here! I’m going to keep the rest of the events we’ll release next Friday the 17th a secret as I don’t want to spoil what the events are or what awesome prizes we have lined up!

1.14 Update:
Minecraft has started pre-released to 1.14.1 and they expect to release this in two days (Monday, 13th May). This is exciting as currently 1.14 simply cannot be played in multiplayer. There are too many issues with chunk loading and corruption alone (ignoring the majority of the other bugs) to run it on the server.
Once 1.14.1 is released, we will be working on updating all the plugins to 1.14.1, and awaiting our server platform to be updated and bug fixed before we update AusCraft. We’ll as always keep you in the loop of how things are progressing!

Rule adjustment: Building on top of the Nether.
Prior to the 1.12 map, we always had a strict policy on not building on top of the Nether, however in 1.12 we let this slide a bit, and coming forward to the current map, we’ve allowed players to build on top of the Nether. There are several reasons (which I won’t state publicly) why this was a bad decision and as such we will be reintroducing the rule which states players are not allowed to build on top of the Nether.

For those of you who have a build there, or in the process of, we’ll give you until next weekend (Saturday 3:00AM) to decommission your build to save your blocks and items before the top of the Nether will be disabled.

Staff changes:
This week we have to say goodbye to JamesFreaky and Grey_Lynx and thank them for their efforts whilst they were Trial Helpers.
On a brighter note, we’d like to congratulate Mr_Jotang for passing the trial and becoming a Helper, and al319 on retiring from the Helper role and taking up AusCrafts first Artist role! Make sure you thank these guys for their effort when you see them next. :D

To wrap this post up, as always thank you all for your support, and I hope you’re all excited to begin building and for the extra events coming next week! If you have any questions about anything in this thread, please leave them below. I’ll update this post next Friday with more information for the new events and prizes!

Happy Crafting <3