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Merry Christmas AusCraft!


& Happy New Year Map

It not only added a ton of new features, but it was dubbed the "Technical Update" for a reason - with a massive amount of changes to the backend, it rendered every plugin we had broken. Now that 1.13.2 is out - a much more stable version than the 1.13 release - we're excited to start a new map!

The current map is well over a year old, and moving it to a 1.13 server just isn't viable, nor would it let us all enjoy the new features 1.13 has to offer. I apologise to those who are currently working on larger projects, but there is still time to finish them and get some screenshots of your amazing work to share with the community.
We won't just be moving the current server over how it is, we have a fair few changes that are coming and some things that have been on the waitlist this whole year that will be rolling out with the update! I'll outline below some basic information regarding the map reset:
  • We aim for the reset to be ready middle - late January. These things take time and we like to make sure the server is ready and bug-free for you all! So please be patient with us, but we will keep you updated.
  • All permanent purchases and paid ranks from the store will be moved across.
  • For now, no items or blocks will be transferred to the new map. This may change, but for now, it's going to be this way.
  • Survival will be the first to be released; we aim to have a Creative server ready several weeks after Survival's release.
Please keep any questions you may have regarding this update to this thread, and I'll try my best to answer them all without giving spoilers!

Again, Merry Christmas and I hope you're all having an amazing day! <3