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LWC/PreciousStones & Mob Stacker!


Hey everyone!
Bringing you all some unfortunate news today :frown:

Late last night our database had a bit of a hiccup (read: exploded) due to how old and overloaded this map is, with over 160,000 LWC entries, over 30,000 Precious stones and over 21,000 players' files that were kept.

So we got to work to fix up the issue, unfortunately whilst removing all dead/inactive LWC and precious stones, it decided to cleanup ALL of them...
This means any of your doors/item frames/chests/signs are not protected. Anywhere you have previously placed precious stones, will not be protected either.

What this means for you..

Whilst yes, there is nothing protected, we cannot stress enough any damage that may happen to your builds/items can and will be reverted with logblock.

To re-lock all of your chests/doors it's as simple using the two commands as follows:
  • /cpersist
  • /lock
Then run around hitting your chests/doors/etc like a madman!

When it comes to Precious stones, just use /modreq to request assistance and a staff member will supply you with replacements.

In light of this, we have also enabled Emerald Blocks as a precious stone. They protect an area 51x25x51. Can be purchased from the Admin shop for $600 per block.

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience.
Feel free to shoot us any questions below, but keep in-game requests to /modreq.


Now for a little bit of positive news,
Mob Stacker!

This is a plugin to help reduce the amount of entities on the server, so mobs that are spawned (by eggs, or grinders/mob spawners) will stack! Which will (and has done already) reduce lag on Survival, which will make gameplay for you guys much better!
* This doesn't affect naturally spawned mobs

This is pretty self explanatory by the images below. Instead of having ten creepers from a grinder in-front of you, there will be one creeper, but with ten lives :p

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It goes without saying if you discover people have taken advantage of this hiccup to steal or grief, use /modreq to alert staff who will see to it as soon as they are able.

Anyone taking advantage will be punished. There is no excuse to steal or grief.


PreciousStones update!
Just a quick add on to this post, from now on, PreciousStones are automagically disabled, to place them simply hold down shift and you'll place enabled pstones.

Please remember to use Diamond (31x31x31) or Emerald (50x25x50) blocks when protecting a large area.
Try and use the feature of the plugin to extend the protected radius. See here: https://a.pomf.cat/tnbqhr.mp4

Having hundreds of Iron blocks to protect a large area that Diamond or Emerald blocks could do with a lot less blocks is very unnecessary. If you need help with anything PStone related please be sure to comment below or /modreq in game.

Cheers :smile: