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JamisDaequavisJR's Helper Application

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Ingame Name: JamisDaequavisJR

Current Age: 15, 16 in 3 months (I am mature)

Is the date between the 25th and 28th of the month: At the time of writing it is 7:31 pm on the 27th of November
(if not, do not submit your application)

What is your current Ontime? 2 days and 22 hours
(Hover over your prefix in-game)

Do you have any previous bans: Not to my memory
(Enquire if unsure)

Why you think you'll be a good tHelper:
Started on Minecraft way back when in 2010 and have been playing on and off since then, I've been enjoying it much more in recent years and have been on regularly.
I learn very quickly and pick up new things with ease so even though I haven't got much experience with being a staff member (except on some smaller servers) I'm confident I can take up the role and the responsibilities that come with it.
I've been highly active on the server, helpful in VC on discord and on the in-game chat, although this activity has dropped off recently I'm starting to get the playtime up again. I'm on most nights and since I don't do a 9-5 job I can take over when other/older moderators can't.
In-game, I take in new players and help show them the ropes of the server with the basic commands and warps until they can go off on their own.
I've had much leadership experience at school and in general life which I think would aid me in being a tHelper.

I really like Auscraft because it feels welcoming and (homely?), its the only server I've been on where people say "Welcome" and its people like these that made me join in the first place, I'd like to be a staff member on this server for this very reason, to help improve it and keep that feeling.

- Jamis


Cheers for applying, Jamis! It's been good seeing you in-game more again.
Good luck. :smile:
Not open for further replies.