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Inventory/Chest/Skulker/Etc. Sorter

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So i was going through mods on ForgeCurse mods for Minecraft (My client) and i come across this: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/inventory-sorting

It states saying if we choose to get this mod for (AusCraft) it would have to be installed into the server for it to work... which if done so i would be more than pleased also potentially many other players too.

Now i do remember quite a staff member said some time ago that Auscraft has its own developer so i was curious if he/she may with the approval of Staff and Camm himself to be able to put a Storage sorter for players to use whilst adventuring AusCraft's 1.16.2 Update/Reset.

Looking forward to hearing for y'all

Not open for further replies.