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In game shops non-functional

Ive been to a few warps that feature player-made shops, and I think it's a really cool feature. However, I haven't been able to purchase anything from a single player shop due to a permissions error? Photo down below -


Upon clicking on said player-made shop it simply replies that I can't use their shop because I don't have their permission? I don't understand why player-shops would need permissions if I'm simply buying something. Unless of course the shop is on someone's claim and the claim bot is disallowing interaction, which would be a big problem.

anyone have any insight on this? Would really like to be an active member of the marketplace on here. thx.


Server Moderator
Hi Inferno, you purchase items from shops by shift + left clicking the shop signs, that should bring up the shop ui in the chat so you can purchase items. If you have any trouble please don't hesitate to ask in game or even put up a message in our discord, which can be found here https://discord.gg/HSVPVp