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I have been abused for the second time

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Your Minecraft name: Mercyy_xo
Time of the incident: -
Who is the admin that abused their privileges: DoffPlaysMC,Camm
How was the Admin abusing their privileges: Doff & Camm called players on AusCraft some very insulting names!
1)Camm called me a FuckWit for no reason what so ever! I barely speak to Camm as he is very rude In-Game! He called me this while speaking to " Doff " about what my ban should be. I have been banned for 6 MONTHS for unexpectedly making a outline of a penis! Doff never let me argue against the ban and he said all my reasons of it was " Excuses ". When indeed they were the truth! The ban needs to be taken into more thought and more say. I feel Doff & Camm have something against me, and i am aware that my ban is taken on by them. But, can i please get someone else to handle it. It has come to the stage that i have felt bullied by these two! It has not only been said by me but also by some of my mates in game. They should keep in mind that these people playing behind these screens have feelings! And every word they say such as "Fuckwit" hurts! If nothing is done about this then i will foward the PrintScreens + the Server I.P to Planet minecraft. Putting in my own thread about this.


Uh..I asked you not to carry this on.
This is the complete disregard for staff you have that I was talking about in your unban request.

I had said what I said about you in admin chat, as per any server admins will discuss players/say what they feel as public cannot see it. In this unfortunate event, a screenshot was uploaded which showed admin chat, I apologise for that.

You see, the way that banning works is this:

New players if they mess up several times, it goes Warn > Kick > Ban.
When it comes to a player like yourself who is the highest free rank of the server thus playing 5+ days in total,
has already had many warnings and kicks, you dont get more warnings, we are still trying to be as lenient as possible
by making it a long temporary ban instead of a permanent ban, so you really should count yourself lucky.

So yes, the ban was because of what you created, however you weren't deserving of yet another warning due to the amount you have had in the past.

Its you say/we say, admins are admins because of their ability to judge these situations and take action accordingly.
That's the way AusCraft (and 90% of other gaming communities) works. You don't have to play if you don't like it.

Mercy, I can assure you we have -nothing- against you, otherwise we would have permanently banned you, not temp banned you.

To clear up one thing, this is actually Doff's ban. He requested that a musketeer (highest ranking staff of AusCraft) intervene which is exactly what I did and I will make it clear that I do not take my personal feelings into account when it comes to dealing with a player or banning them. I make sure I'm not bias in the situation.
If you pay attention and read the documentation of that screenshot, you see me telling doff not to straight up ban you, but to look into it, which is what he done.

If you feel the pointless need to put this onto planet minecraft, then that is up to you.
Unfortunately they have no say over the way we administrate or take action on rule breaks such as yourself.

Mercy, as I am Musketeer of this server I will tell you once more not to carry this on. I apologised above and I will again. I didn't intend for you too see what I had said about you and I'm genuinely sorry if It hurt your feelings.

If I was to say that directly to you in public chat it would warrant this thread but you don't get to make an admin abuse thread because you weren't happy with the outcome of your Unban request.

If you continue to ignore my request and keep this going I will have no other choice then to forum ban you.
Happy Gaming
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