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Denied I apple ban

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Your IGN: thelochy
Please list any previous names or relevant alt accounts: no than kyou
Time and date that the ban occurred (Estimate): 2002/4.3
What punishment are you appealing? (Jail, Mute, Warning, Kick, Ban):Band
Staff online during the incident: the dadmin
What is the reason given for the punishment?: spand
Tell us your side of the story: how can i spamd when i band from spek, not maek sense too me pls hjelp thank yu
Hey there thelochy , your ban was only a tempban, and has now expired, When you return online, be sure to read over the rulebook you'll find in your inventory, For future reference you only need one copy, so there'll be no need to have more then that.
See you online :smile:
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Not open for further replies.