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Hunger Games

I started reading Hunger Games, without great expectations. But it caught on me. Story lies in a political dystopian universe about which author only explains when it affects the protagonist. But it gives enough food for thought. I could make analogies about how similar it is to the world around us.

I think of many events in the past and recent which would make good examples for the points below. But I don't mention them for you would come up with what is more relevant to you.

The inequality serves as political means and ends. People who live in the Capitol are filthy rich and do not suffer from scarcity of any kind. They do not suffer from disease, pain, hunger or any physical hardship. They are so luxuriant that they have to indulge in bohemian whims of absurd fashion, and slight physical urges like sex with victors or vomit to keep on eating. Living such a comfortable life they hold nothing against the government despite the injustice they see.
Everything the Capitol needs is provided by the Districts.

But Districts are so poor that day to day survival for people is a challenge. Many have to scrape through rubbish to keep living. Girls prostitute to save their families from hunger. People are provided enough so that they can keep working and keep living, but always out of physical and mental devices to bring up a rebellion.

Ive made a video stating why camm needs to put it in.