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Helper Applications [READ ME BEFORE APPLYING]

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Helper Applications can only be entered between 25th-28th of a month.

What is a Helper?:

A Helper is the entry rank to the Staff group. Helpers are there to assist the community in-game and in Discord. Helpers also have basic moderation duties to ensure everyone on the network is playing fairly, and by the rules.

Successful applicants will be a tHelper (trial Helper) for up to the first month of their new role. If the tHelper has been doing a great job they will be promoted to a Helper - which is a permanent rank until either promotion to Mod from outstanding performance, or demotion due to inactivity or by choice of the Helper.

  • The minimum age for an applicant is 15.
  • Applicants should be at least Wanderer rank and have a minimum of 24 hours play time on the server (in the instance of any paid ranks).
  • Applicants should be honest and disclose knowledge of any previous bans on ANY server.
  • Applicants should not have any warnings. If there are any warnings, please bring this to the attention of staff before applying. We may decide whether or not the warning can be removed.
  • Applicants do not need prior experience as staff on Minecraft servers, but should be prepared for training in several different plugins.
  • As a tHelper you're a part of the staff team - therefore you're required to act accordingly to all players of the community, whether this is in public or private conversations.
  • Grounds for immediate disqualification include breaking ANY rules on the server, or begging/asking/bribery for votes, and approvals.
Ingame Name:
Current Age:
Is the date between the 25th and 28th of the month:
(if not, do not submit your application)
What is your current Ontime?
(Hover over your prefix in-game)
Do you have any previous bans:
(Enquire if unsure)
Why you think you'll be a good tHelper:
If your application isn't denied, you will be in the running for Helper that month.

All applications will then be considered by the Staff team and one or two successful applicants will be selected to become Helper on a trial basis. The abuse of any commands will allow us to strip of your rank and possibly ban you from the AusCraft server.

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