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Halloween Events!



The time is here everyone! Have a read over what we have planned for the next week below.​

We've decided to release a few games tonight, and over the coming week we'll be adding more to keep it interesting for you, and so we don't flood you with too much at once!

When you get in-game, use /halloween to teleport to the park!
Just to be safe, we strongly recommend storing your inventory in an enderchest prior to playing games! :D

What's live tonight:
  • Spleef
  • BlockParty
  • Arcade Arena
  • Store Sale
  • Skin Competition
  • Halloween Crate
  • Tickets
  • Collectable Kit Items
Over the next few days:
  • Haunted House
  • SpeedRun
  • Maze
  • ??? :eek:
Breakdown of features:
8 player game.

Immortals can join a full game (if you're quick enough)!
Classic game everyone knows and loves, just break the ground under the other players! There are 5 levels in this arena.

Minimum Players: 6
Max Players: 25

This game never gets old, we've added some more spooky soundtracks (so have your jukebox sounds on!) and new floors. Make sure you wear your best dancing shoes.

Sit down with friends, relax, and spend money! These games cost, but some do give you money back.
*AusCraft takes no responsibility for any friendships broken up over UNO.

Store sale
30% off the entire store! This will run until Monday the 12th November!

Skin Competition
Take a screenshot inside the Park and post it in the comments of this thread to have a chance to win a secret prize at the end of the events. Bonus points for those who MAKE their own skins (we will check)! :wink:

Halloween Crate
Gain keys from voting in-game, or via the store! These keys will give you awesome prizes, including the collectables (listed below).

Who doesn't love Balloons? You'll see these in the coming days :p

For the multiplayer games you win (Spleef, BlockParty, HauntedHouse, SpeedRun, etc) you'll win tickets! Now, these don't have any use...yet. But I strongly suggest you work hard at winning and saving these up!
To check your ticket balance: type /tickets

We have three kits you can collect the items for! These are: Grave Digger, Midnight Murderer and the Witch Kit.
You can receive these items from the Halloween vote crate, when you collect all 5 items in a set, you'll get the kit, a nice sum of money, and a trophy!

See everyone in-game! :D
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