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Halloween Event | Crafting Competition


G'day Everyone, and Happy Halloween!

Shortly our Halloween Event will be released in Survival, and we'll be visiting Camp Terrent again where we will host a Crafting Competition with the Swamp Witch! This competition will run from tonight until the 7th of November.

The aim of the Crafting Competition is to craft different recipes available and hand them in to the Swamp Witch at Camp Terrent. There are recipes that range from 50 points per item to 200 per item.

All recipes require some vanilla items and special ingredients that you will be able to obtain through different methods during the week. Items that yield higher points will require more special ingredients to craft.

When you craft these items and hand them in to the Swamp Witch, the more points you earn in a single transaction with her will result in her giving you a higher tier prize! So don't give her all your candy at once.

To access Camp Terrent, use /halloween.

We have a range of items you can craft, and special ingredients you can get! You can view all of these by using the /crafting-comp-recipes command in-game. Hovering over the items will show you the points that item gets, and clicking on it will show you the recipe! All the recipes are shapeless, so the items in the crafting table can be in any order.

There are multiple ways to obtain special ingredients:
  • Ingredient Crate: A Crate next to the Swamp Witch. Keys can be obtained as a Reward from the Swamp Witch, or random drops in-game.
  • Random Drops: When there's atleast 10 player's in-game, random drops will happen every 15 minutes.
  • Quests: Throughout the week random quests will appear at Camp Terrent (more on this below).
  • Pinata Party
  • Rewards from the Swamp Witch
In an effort to keep things fair, no Special Ingredients can be obtained by any Crates where keys can be purchased from the store.


A look at the Crafting Comp Menus.

This year we're doing the prizes a little different, to prevent teaming and people boosting another to a specific place, the Top 5 players will be in the pool to win 5 different prizes:

Prize #1: $100 Voucher to either Steam, ZiNG Pop Culture, or EB Games.

Prize #2: $50 Store Voucher.

Prize #3: $30 Store Voucher.

Prize #4: $30,000 in-game money + a Light Shard with 500 Energy.

Prize #5: $10,000 in-game money + a Light Shard with 300 Energy.

Halloween is certainly one of my favourite "seasonal holidays", and as such I usually go crazy with Cosmetics, well that is no different this year! We have a bunch of Tools, Weapons, Hats, Wings, Tags, and Balloons! All of these will be obtainable either through the Store, the Halloween Crate, Random Drops & some Giveaways that will happen over the weekend.

Wings (backwear cosmetics) are finally available! You may remember that we've had some Wings Cosmetics in the past, you can actually now equip these similar to Balloons, without taking up an inventory slot.

With this year's Halloween we've released two new sets of wings, that also have matching Hats & Weapons. Each of these have animated parts to the cosmetic too!

If you have a set of wings in-game currently, please just create a ticket so I can remove the physical item, and give you permission to the /backwear command, where you will be able to access your wings.


The Crypt Keeper (all animated) & Phantom set (animated weapon) available from the Halloween Crate.

It's been quite a while since we had some tools and weapons, so with the spooky theme I decided to release our Bat themed Pack! All of these are Netherite level tools (if applicable) and can be enchanted.



The new Bat themed Weapons & Tools.

I've added some new tags that show in chat, and balloons! Balloons do have a small chance to give the Slow Falling effect if you fall whilst having one equipped.


From tomorrow until the end of the event some NPC's & Creatures will appear in Camp Terrent! They will have some tasks for you to do with a bunch of rewards on offer. There won't be an announcement when these guys appear, so make sure you explore around Camp Terrent every night! Because someone new might pop up...

As with every event, we're running a store sale! There will be 25% off store-wide from tonight until the end of the Halloween Event next Tuesday (7th).

Thank you all for your support, and I hope you enjoy the Crafting Competition!
Good luck to all that participate.
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