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Approved got 3 warnings

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Your IGN: GusWest12
Please list any previous names or relevant alt accounts: FireFly789
Time and date that the ban occurred (Estimate):i don't know
What punishment are you appealing? : permer ban
Staff online during the incident:idk
What is the reason given for the punishment?: got three warnings
Tell us your side of the story: got 3 warnings so i just waited it out untill one of the warnings would ware off but im still permer banned
Hey there Gus, In your case you received three warnings before the window of them expiring, hence the auto perm ban. based on your history all warning involved the same use of a hacked client, as such Ill remind here that use of such things are NEVER allowed on Auscraft, If you are continued to be seen using this after an unban, you will be permanently banned once again.
Ill unban the account GusWest12 for now, But make you read over our rules with /rules when you next get back online.
Not open for further replies.